Meet The Team

Akshay Nair


Akshay is the studio's game developer. He will be working with the Impact.js game engine to provide high quality games. In addition to game development, Akshay likes to explore many different areas including webworks and character design!

Luke Prosser


Luke is the studio's artist, he comes up with ideas for in-game art, icons, images and characters.

Sam Noakes

Senior Consultant For Application Development & Design

Sam is the studio's go-to person for opinions and ideas. He suggests apps and games that could go into production as well as putting his ideas forward about colour schemes and which images should be used in certain places, within an app or game.

Toby Clench

Co-Founder, Lead WebWorks Programmer

Toby is the studio's webworks programmer who mainly focusses on apps but also likes to learn how to code games and help out with design.

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